By pandammonium

Hot cross buns

Mr Perkins

This morning, I took Mr Perkins to the vet – you should’ve seen the look he gave the cat box when he clocked it :D – to be weighed by the more-than-just-a-receptionist.

The scrawny beast is even scrawnier, so I’m to try him with kitten food because it’s higher in calories than normal cat food. Senior cat food, which he doesn’t get despite being classed a senior cat by cat food labelling, is lower in calories, so I’m to avoid that.

I think he’d like to live on these, but they’re for treats, not meals. I am allowed to give him vegan cheese, though, which he goes crazy for.


Because I’m a good daughter and because I forgot to take it with me yesterday when I went out, I took my mam’s birthday card with us. I spotted a post box on a corner on the way back, so I popped the card in there. Now it’s in the hands of Royal Mail/the Post Office (I’ve never really been sure what the difference is) to get it there on time in amongst the myriad of looming bank holidays and Sundays.

Hot cross buns

After taste-testing the shop-bought vegan hot cross buns a couple of weeks ago, the shop had only the chocolate and orange ones last week. I bought some, but would have preferred the fruity ones.

This week, they had none whatsoever. The label on the shelf they’d be back in stock next week. What use is that when I want them for Good Friday, which is this week?

So I got out my recipe book and made some. It was like déjà vu: last year, I made the same recipe, but left it so late in the day that the proving time clashed with running group.

This year, one of the run leaders let me off early so I could come back and sort the buns out so they weren’t over-proved (I always have Paul Hollywood’s voice in my head when I bake nowadays). They’re not over-proved, but they are over-worked, so they’re a bit dense. But they taste nice.

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