Blippish Columbia

By OllieG99


Runaway - Linkin Park

I'm a huge huge fan of Linkin Park, their older stuff anyway, I'm not too sure about their newer stuff. This album changed my musical life completely and started me down the path towards heavy music and away from Five, S Club 7 et al. of my youth. Not that I'm embarrassed by that at all, I still f*cking love Five.

I like this shot although its not quite what I was going for. I really wanted a very blurry background and preferably rain in the background. The day was sunny and I managed to forget to charge my camera so my battery ran out halfway through this shoot!


Lie in
Gig - My first gig of term. Tried a couple of new tracks which I think went down quite well. It was great to see people there and the other acts were awesome too, particularly a girl called Katie who had an incredible voice!

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