... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM at 24mm

Now we're talking... This field of view feels much more natural and true to life.

Today was dark: the conditions were not exactly conducive to quality.
I've never used auto-ISO before: I found it quite disturbing initially as I moved the camera around and saw the aperture and shutter speed remaining steady, and the sensitivity moving up and down... It initially worried me, but it seems that higher ISO really means slightly reduced contrast, some loss of definition, and (eep) a few hot pixels showing up. That scared me (and I even Googled it) but then I grounded myself: I was looking at the pixel level, and it was an image at ISO1600... I didn't let myself scour the image and count; there were probably fewer than 5 (= 0.00001%).

Neurotic camera ramble over (for today).

This is the first floor of the central hall at the NHM: I've blipped it before (here) from about 5 meters further along, but looking in the opposite direction. I've mentioned before that 24mm is my favourite wide-angle focal length for its "photograph what I can clearly see" feel (I reckon that a 24mm lens pretty much sees what I see, if I ignore my blurry peripheral vision), and I loved exploring the NHM with the lens set at 24mm today.

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