... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Canada Geese

I visited Eagle Pond this morning: I thought that I'd blip Mr. Goosle (I haven't blipped an Egyptian goose for aeons!), or perhaps some cootlings (there are a pair of coots with two tiny chicks...), but then this pair of Canada geese decided to leave the water quite close to me, and I was pleased with the results which not only show the geese, but also how close the pond is to the main road and the small hotels (just across the road from the common). The juxtaposition of the beautiful and v. natural-seeming pond and the traffic and city always seems quite dramatic, but it is still a surprisingly peaceful place.

These two Canada geese had a nest with eggs (on the island) earlier in the year, but (like Mr. and Mrs. Goosle) they seem to have left the nest gosling-less which is sad. The same happened last year (to the Canada geese); I've not seen Canada goslings on Eagle Pond before so perhaps they're unfertile. Sad.

I might go back to the pond tomorrow for a cootling shot if the weather's nice.
Thank you for the positive feedback on my museum shot yesterday.

p.s. More droplets in large ("L").

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