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By Mobius

Stop The Tories!

District Council Politics
Mrs M and I are anti Torrie voters in any event, and some of us in the village where horrified to see our own Parish Council Chair as the Conservative candidate for our ward in the upcoming district council elections as well. A  local person less worthy of upholding Nolan Principle's of public service standards I do not know - Machiavellian, underhand proven liar, his personal agenda takes precedence over benefits and the views of our village.

Action Group We quickly established a group of doers and skill sets yesterday to share factually based examples. Eg avoidance of planning permission for two caravan dwellings permanently on his land, and avoidance of any council tax registration / payment for  a number of years. He's also been unreasonably awkward on other villagers applying for their own planning permission.  

Today I completed the leafleting / canvassing round the village and Mrs M and I put up the candidates  last two boards - he's ordered more given the enthusiasm and support across the ward.

We have a good chance of success, in this historically Tory area.

We now have four Lib Dem boards in the village and nothing from the other parties (Labour not standing against The Lib Dem). A record I think, and not a conservative poster / board to  be seen around here which is also a first.

Doing far more that I should but passion (and urgency) over-rules most of the time. The PC Chair's partner is an old school friend of Mrs M, so was surprised when she suggested we put up the board. 

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