There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Bunny Bowling for White-Tails

I was on my daily walk around the neighborhood, when I saw a deer looking out at me through the vegetation. First I saw one. Then I saw two. Then I saw three.

I stopped, calmly pulled out my camera, and took about a dozen photos. The deer weren't moving. Neither was I. But I had a walk to go on. I couldn't stand here forever. One of us had to break the impasse.

So I put my camera back in its bag and took about two steps further, which startled a huge rabbit I had not seen, who was snacking just around the corner by a golden forsythia hedge.

SPANG! went the rabbit. With a burst of speed, the bunny made a run for it, and suddenly, it was like the bunny was a bowling ball and the deer were the pins.

The bunny ran across the road and straight toward the deer! And then ALL the deer scattered! There were quite a few more than these three that I got to photograph!

Now, were these deer just startled by ANY motion? Or did they know something more about that wild, ferocious rabbit than I did? Hmm? In any case, I don't know and the deer aren't telling!

My soundtrack song for a game of bunny bowling is Pat Benatar, with You Better Run.

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