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A good day today.  Weather is lovely - just nice, getting a bit warm but still rather pleasant.  

I took G to the Surgery for his fortnightly INR Blood Test.  Then later this morning Hubby, G and I went to Levens Village, very near to us, only about 20 minutes by car.

 Levens is a pretty little village but very hilly so not ideal for for me go walking around with my knees as they currently are.  However we went round St John The Evangelist, which is a pleasant little church and was licensed in 182 and consecrated in 1836, so not as old as some of the churches I have visited.  It has an interesting little history nonetheless and we spent about an hour there

We visited the Bells that have been installed at the back of the church in a Japanese style frame.  These bells were rescued from Milnthorpe nearby and by a colourful vicar called Sidney Swann who was vicar at St John's when it was just a Chapel of Ease.  He built a Japanese style structed to hang the bells.  He was influenced to do this by this time as a missionary in Japan.

Apparently these bell were rung last Saturday.  Not sure how as there are now clangers but if you  tap them with something metal they make a beautiful sound,

The church is a Grade II listee building.  It is inextricably linked ith the story of the family of Levens Hall.  It is so lovely and peaceful here and we sat a little while just enjoying the peace, the beauty of the church and its surroundings.  Levens is on a hill just off the A590   The famous Levens Hall is actually 3 miles away and separated by the A590 and A6.

After the church we then walked (or in my case hobbled a bit) down to the Hare & Hounds pub for a wonderful lunch - a pre-birthday treat from Hubby and I for his forthcoming Birthday on Friday.

Excellent food, nice surroundings and good service.  Such a lovely meal and I would recomend it.  It's fairly simple food but beautifully done.  They are famous for their pizzas and that is actually how they started 10 years ago.  Then they only served pizza apparently and have gone from strength to strength since then.

More photos to follow later in the week.

My knees are still a  little tender but nothing like they were, especially the left one so I don't know what it is, maybe just rheumatism or sometihng similar.  If it goes on I guess I need to get it checked.

That's all from from for today - do take care and stay safe and I will see you all tomorrow.

Many thanks to CumbriaLass for recommending I visit this church as part of my project.

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