Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

13 years

Who would have thot?   It’s part of the day now for sure.  My “world” has gotten smaller as I am  getting older so I like seeing the images from all over your worlds…..  and using some of my excellent past photo memories in present photos.     A little humor is appreciated these days as well.   I’m trying to make it more “art” but I still want the daily journal record.   A fine balance. 
So today you get a journal entry from the deck on the top of the new Aegis Living building in our neighborhood.   I don’t expect to be here again.   H and I and 2 friends/neighbors had lunch and decided to tour this building —it’s an assisted living and memory care center, the greenest built senior living center in the US.   With the photo of the “boys in the boat” 1936 Olympic rowing winners on a huge mural on the outside.   Everything is boat related , gorgeous art, custom chandeliers that look like oars, fabrics with nautical flags, and a display of memorabilia from those “36 Olympics, including the torch from those games!   So odd for what it is.    An old 4x shell in the lobby.  The public spaces are very nice but the apartments are teeny.  Not the best photo but it’s what it is for today, a bit of play involved.  Wouldn’t be happy with that glass "fence" but I guess it would help with wind,. 
Grateful as always for every blipper and those that keep it going.
I added an extra of the Olympic torch and memorabilia that one of the Aegis owners collected.    Of course I did like all the boats and nautical themes.

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