Today has been a long day. Cousteau and I left the house at 9 am, and returned at 6.30 pm.

We're both tired and cranky.

First up was Mass and then a quick bite to eat before our May procession for Our Lady. The turnout exceeded our hopes (over 400, I believe), which was great. I was photographing the procession, along with a guy from the Press and another Catholic photographer (who has WAY better cameras and lenses than me). I guess I'm there for the artistic side, rather than the fancy camera gear side!

Anyway, then a brief walk for Cousteau, as we watched the sun set together.

Then home.

These two servers were taking their job very seriously, and (unlike the other two photographers) I loved the light streaming through the trees. My kind of shooting - into the sun!

I'm now processing photos and planning this week's lessons simultaneously. Had better get back to it.

Night all.


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