The ...........

 ............ cooking apple tree has finally blossomed ........ really pretty.

Physiotherapist appt. for Himself - more consultation than hands-on  -  came home with a list of exercises (like we did before a couple of years back).  He was very thorough and, joy of joys, our surgery now only asks you wear a mask if you want to - yay!!!!

Boris the Bat thanks you all from the tips of his wings for the comments, stars and many hearts you sent him yesterday - I do too - but I don't have wings so it's from the bottom of my heart (or would that be from the heart of my bottom?  No, I didn't think so.  Lol)!

~ Anni ~

This is Wednesday uploaded on Thursday morning - a dullish start to the day but some nice patches of blue are starting to appear.

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