Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Where's ya bean?

A warm one today, for us. Somewhere about 18 degrees this afternoon. Did some potting this morning and after lunch went to the Walled Garden at Glencruitten for the first time this year.

Quite a bit of development since I was last there - the yellow canopy covers an outdoor kitchen and the yurt is finished. Nobody there today though, apart from a film maker who was filming for Green Shoots, the organisation which runs the Walled Garden - for fund-raising, he said. When he heard that I would be planting out peas and beans he asked if he could film me - just my hands. So my hands will be film stars!

My runner bean poles from last year were rather decrepit - I made the structure up from bamboo canes and it was hanging over sideways. I should have come before this to get it back into shape, so I planted the peas and brought the beans home again. I'll pop down again next week to make some repairs.

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