Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Busy knitter

Another warm and sunny day again, 17 or 18 degrees. Rain forecast for tomorrow though, so we don't have it all our own way!

We went downtown this morning - usual Saturday morning stuff. Library, shopping, fish from the pier. Our faithful Oban knitter - or it is a crocheter - has excelled herself, or of course himself, with this crown on the usual post-box. There was a letter about it in the local paper, how it was probably illegal to deface Post Office property! Never been mentioned before, of course.

After lunch I went back to the Glencruitten Walled Garden, sorted the bean sticks and planted the runner beans - see extra. Not very pleased to see a rabbit up in the corner - someone must have left the gate open! I can only hope that with so much delectable food on offer he'll ignore my beans and peas!

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