By gennepher

Strawberry flower...

Wildlife cameras
Cat Midnight just watches Magpie take all of his cat biscuits. The Magpie did this all morning. So, the poor cat not only has the nighttime Foxes and Badger stealing his cat biscuits, he now has Mr Magpie in the daytime stealing his cat biscuits...(1 minute video)

Second video (1 minute)
The ginger cat was in my bungalow stealing Midnight's wet JellyMeat Whiskas bowl of food. I watched him leisurely eat it. Midnight will share his food, but he says who can or who can't share his food. Obviously the ginger cat got a shock when he left...
Obviously to make this video a minute I had to cut out Midnight's waiting time for the ginger cat to emerge...

These two among my strawberry flowers!

Time for a coffee and a nap

Have your best day...

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