Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


After two Bank Holidays, for May Day and the Coronation, it was good to be back at the Community Fridge today.  There was a large queue outside to start with and then it slowed down a little, particularly in the café, but that enabled us to chat to more people for a longer time and although we had about 140 people through the doors, not everyone comes into the café.

We also had a lady from the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and two ladies from Macmillan Cancer Support Charity there this morning.  Speaking to the ladies from MCSC, they said they were happy to speak to people and give them booklets explaining what to expect after having cancer treatments.  Sometimes, when people are diagnosed, unless someone is with them, they don’t always take things in, and then it’s only when they get home that they begin to wonder what will happen with their treatment, so these booklets are ideal and explain things quite simply.  It is certainly good to have people like this in a more relaxed atmosphere, so that questions can be asked by those undergoing treatment.

We had lots of food as you can see, including many cakes so Meg and Jackie were putting them into bags ready for people to take, but Jackie also sat in the hall and let people choose which cakes they would like -  and chatted to them whilst they were choosing.

One of the ladies from our recent English classes came in and we had a good chat - and I even remembered her name, which obviously pleased her.  She enquired when the classes would be starting again and the friend who was with her, from Sudan, said she would like to come too, which is great.  It is so good to be able to help those in our community whose first language isn't English and they are so grateful.

We had a great team of volunteers there this morning and there was lots of chat and friendly conversations going on.  However, I was very tired when I got home so admit I did have 40 winks sitting in our warm conservatory.

On the right hand side of my collage, you will see some sparkly material on a purse, as I thought, but the lady it belonged to said it was in fact a pencil case, but she liked it so much she used it as her purse.  I was telling her about the glittery and sparkly shoes from last week - so if I can’t get any of these, perhaps a sparkly purse might be an alternative.

Not such a long word today, but I wonder how many of these sort of people were around last week - enjoying the days off work, but not having enjoyed the weekend of festivities?

Opposed to fun and festivity, deeply serious, morose.

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