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By walkingMarj

In the field

I slept badly last night and my planned morning walk did not happen. I was not awake enough to be ready for when Joan came to look after Mum.

It took a couple of hours to surface properly. Then I was raring to go for an afternoon walk.

I had intended to be at the screening of the Vermeer exhibition at the cinema, but the recent rise in Covid cases locally has made me nervous. I'm going on holiday next week and I do not want to have Covid any time soon.

I'm trying to decide which 2 lenses to take with me. I will probably take a 24mm. This shot was taken with a 70 to 300mm zoom. I wanted to see if I could manage any decent wild flower shots with it. (I normally use a 90mm close up lens.) The zoom has made a good attempt at the dandelions.

I walked on the longer "round the block" walk, via Haughton Castle and Keepershield Farm today. There were a few sprinkles of hailstones at the farm, but literally only for about 15 seconds. Otherwise I was in bright sunshine. At home they had a heavy hail storm. 

Now I need to decide which filters to take with me. I was all for treating myself to the Kase magnetic filters, but they cause vignetting with Sony lenses so I'm now not sure what to do.

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