Living my dream

By Mima


I was gardening at G’s this morning when I looked up from what I was doing to see a bird cruising across the paddock heading directly for me. It wafted and glided just over my head then up into the tree behind me. All in complete silence.

I gazed at it in some awe, took a couple of photos, then got on with the gardening. When I looked again a few moments later it had left as silently as it had arrived. A ghost bird.

Actually it was a white heron or KĊtuku (also known as the eastern great egret). I’ve occasionally seen them locally, but never so close. It flew within 3 or 4 metres of me and I can only assume it didn’t see me. I’m just sorry I couldn’t get a better photo. 

It was the highlight of my day.

Not that the rest of the day was in any way bad. It’s been a busy one, even by my standards, involving a lot of line trimming, picking more dried beans, making more soup (the final batch to squeeze into the freezer), collecting and pasteurising milk. 

And joy of joys, there was another dead possum under the trap this morning!

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