By Lizimagiz

Gone by Lunchtime

Parts of the country are shivering in the first icy grip of winter with snow storms and bitterly cold temperatures. Brr.... the images on TV and on the internet spell out a very early start to winter with many road closures.
Here in Marlborough we have got off very far.
Southerly storms often stream up from the deep south and hit the Kaikoura area well to the south of Blenheim. The southerly then sneaks off over Cape Campbell, a prominent land-mark, and slithers away crossing Clifford Bay and Cloudy Bay to hit Wellington with an icy blast.
That is the case today. We had mainly clear blue skies and sunshine all day whilst a big bank of clouds could be seen to the east covering Cook Strait and Wellington.
We did, however get a taste of winter overnight with fresh snow falling on the higher peaks of the Richmond Range to the north of us. There was even a sprinkling of snow on some of the higher hills to the south of Blenheim. Including the subject of today's blip. The Ned, a peak to the south of the town. The skies had sieved snow like icing sugar across the summit. A very early fall. I cannot recall ever seeing snow on the Ned in late May. A harbinger of a cold winter to follow? But the scattering of snow was gone by lunchtime.
We very very seldom get any snow falling on the Wither Hills. If we ever do get snow it is a cause for celebration for many. Folk stream up and over the Taylor Pass in their 4x4s to enjoy a scattering of the white stuff on the south, cold side of the hills. Perhaps we will see some of that snow later this winter. Who knows.....

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