I Witness

By KangaZu

Jacobsburg State Park ...

... Snowberry clearwing moth.

First of the season, too!  Please take a look full screen.

As we hadn't walked the Sobers Run trail at Jacobsburg State park in a white that's where we headed this afternoon.  The parking area that we usually park was full so we went down the road a little ways to another parking lot.  There was one space available here so we snagged it. 

And as luck would have it this trail worked out to our advantage as we had a couple of 'first sightings' of the year.  This lovely clearwing hummingbird moth was one of them.  And to my delight we also saw a couple of chipmunks!  These are the first chipmunks that we have actually seen at any of the parks we have been to this year.  Prior to this the only chipmunks we have seen were at home!  I'm thrilled to finally see some whilst we were out and about.  

There were lots of other walkers on the trail today ... and also cyclists and a couple of women on horseback.   Yes ... horses are allowed on these trails.  You have to watch your step!

Backblipped: May 23 ... with more to go.  

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