Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Well, Hello!

I was talking to fellow blipper, PhotoMatt today and was telling him that I was hoping to find a weevil in the garden... and several hours later, here it is!  I don't always spot these colorful little beetles and can go several years without seeing one, so it was kind of fun to find this guy.  Even better that he didn't instantly drop to the ground when I started trying to move vegetation aside for a clear shot.  In the past, I mis-identified these as Cocklebur Weevils but I think they are actually
Ironweed Curculio.  I put a dorsal view in Extra for those who are interested.

I've had a relaxing day with not much of anything to show for it - I've taken some photos, pottered in the garden, talked to one of my besties (and to Matt) and played with Jax.  The weather is gorgeous so it's been nice to spend time outside.  

Our Lane is getting fiber-optics installed which means we will have a faster choice for internet soon.  The installation, however, is messy with big trenches being dug all up and down the Lane and work crews all over the place.  Poor Jax has been on his toes trying to warn us of imminent danger every time he sees the workers walking by out on the road.  

Heading into a long weekend and happy to say we have absolutely nothing planned other than dinner one night with some friends.  The weather is supposed to be good all weekend so I'm sure we will be working in the garden at some point.

First night on the new mattress was very nice!  And today's dark has essence of orange.


PS:  I am posting photos from Costa Rica on Instagram so if you'd to have a peek, click HERE

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