An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Life's a beach...

Today has gone by in a blink!

There was an art exhibition in our town hall today featuring ten Perthshire artists, so after lunch we headed there. 

Lots of different and interesting works and we were tempted by a watercolour of Brora golf course, then we saw a beautiful acrylic painting of Tiree and couldn't resist it.  We chatted to the artist and it turns out the painting actually hangs in her lounge and she only brought it to fill a gap in her exhibition space, but she was happy to sell it to us.  Well happy in a bittersweet kind of way as it was her favourite painting of hers.  She lives in a village nearby so I said she could come and visit it :-)

After the exhibition we had a wander up the High Street where I saw two little robins in (of all places) the art gallery window. Couldn't resist them, so they came home with us too.  No doubt a future blip. 

Seeing all those lovely paintings put me in the mood to get my ar*se in gear and make the final decisions for the painting I'm going to do for the last bit of wall space in the pool room.  

My four little test paintings (rest in extras) have led me to decide on Sanders Waterford 300lb cold press paper 30" x 22", using Indigo, Paynes grey, Pthalo turquoise, buff titanium, and yellow ochre.  I think I might wait until we're on holiday in June before attempting it as it will the biggest watercolour I've painted and there's a great space in the holiday house next to a glass wall where the light will be amazing and the table will be clear of all my usual clutter.  

Before dinner checked the plants we bought yesterday and D watered them.  Sadly one of the fuchsias got free of its stake and I worry might not survive as it's main stem was quite bent.  Have re-staked it and put extra ties on it so will see what happens.  

Fajitas for dinner then got the main dish prepped for family coming tomorrow.  Esme (great niece) graduated from nursery today, so looking forward to hearing all about that :-))

Oh and started on the second side of the hexi cardi I'm crocheting.  All in all quite a productive day! 

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