By MsQuizzical

Common Blue

How lovely to see a male common blue butterfly flitting about in the rough grass. I was so pleased with Mishka. She was on the lead and is rubbish at walking on it as she pulls relentlessly. However, when I stop to try to take a pic she is meek and mild and sits so beautifully while I compose my shot and shoot holding her lead. I've added a more conventional shot to extras showing the blue.

We encountered bold and brave Reynard in Butterfly Alley minding his cubs in the sunshine. He didn't run when he saw us but stood his ground and barked. Mishka whimpered. It's a shame but I've stopped feeding the foxes in the garden since the fence has been repaired and Mishka has access to it as it's not fair to her or them.

I was interested to find spindle ermine moth caterpillars in their tent in Butterfly Alley. (Extras) The moths fly at night but I remember being excited to see one here during the day last year. The moths are white with black spots. Interesting that the caterpillars have black spots.  

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