By DonnaWanna


Had another good nights sleep last night and its amazing how that can make everything feel so much better.  I still felt very tired by this afternoon but it was fairly quiet so I managed to get through it.  Another early night tonight should help. 
We headed out for a short walk this morning and I noticed these drips on a handrail, seemed like my blip eyes were finally opening again ; )

Finally some workmen came and secured the roof and blocked the hole in the ceiling, amazing it was still intact except that the light fitting had fallen out and left a gaping hole in the plaster.!  Another guy came and cut out the wet, soggy, smelly part of the hallway carpet and dried off the floor underneath and sanitized it all as it was going moldy ugh!!  
It took a lot of complaining to get them moving!!! Oh and we finally have lights again, its really been a living nightmare!!!

I haven't the energy to carry on tonight, I will catch up with you all eventually ; )xxx

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