Living my dream

By Mima


Ow, ow, ow. Pain like sunburn over my hip and round to my back. Check the mirror this morning and there’s a rash developing.

Phoned for an urgent appointment with my GP, for I’m pretty sure I know what ails me. 

He listened, looked and spoke: “So, what do you think it is Mima?” 
“Shingles” says I. 
“Indeed it is. Well-diagnosed.”
“Bugger!” says I.

I came home with steroids for the inflammation and pain, and antivirals for the bug. And strict instructions to Be Sensible. And to expect to feel off-colour for a couple of weeks at least. 

The one thing that cheered me up was to discover that it is at its most painful right now, as the rash is erupting. So it can only improve. 

It’s just as well I have a tall reading pile and a long list of podcasts. And it’s raining, so I’m not feeling frustrated about having no get up and go.

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