By Teasel

St Andrew’s House

Another day in the office, and yet again I only just made my bus this morning.  Unlike Tuesday, it was another lovely morning, and it was no surprise that there was only me and one other person from our area in the office.
One of my team logged on this morning, but wasn’t feeling great, so logged off again.  I had to step in and pick up some of her urgent work – which more than kept me busy.  I was glad to have an excuse to get out of the office at lunchtime, to run an errand.  It was then back to the urgent work, which I left in a good place.
I met a friend after work and we went for a couple of drinks and some food.  We went to a fancy George Street place which I had never been to before, but we had a voucher so it wasn’t too expensive in the end.  It’s always good to get a bargain.  We also had a couple of cocktails.  Although I’m not a big cocktail fan, I did enjoy the one I picked.  It came in a lovely glass with a flower floating on the top – so it looked lovely too.
It was lovely to leave the restaurant at almost 10pm, and to find it was still bright and warm outside.  I got home to find that TT had worked at home all day and although he had been feeling grim this morning, he had improved over the course of the day. 
This is St Andrew’s House on Regent Road, built on the site of the old Calton Gaol.  It's the home of Scottish Government.

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