By Teasel

River Lochay

I should have slept very well – but I didn’t.  Same scenario as last night, though a bit less coughing I think.
I was much less stiff than I thought I would be after our hill walk yesterday – in fact not really stiff at all.  My legs definitely felt like they’d had a workout yesterday, but that was about it.  However, in my mind the second day can be much worse. 
After breakfast six of us canoed to Killin.  TT and I shared a canoe,, while BB went off kayaking with a different group. It was a lovely morning, but quite breezy.   We “parked” up and headed to the tea room and rewarded ourselves with cake.  There was a huge choice, and we all had something different and we were all very happy with our choices.  We then canoed back, which was into the wind, so felt a bit harder.  We got back when everyone was finishing their lunch.  I grabbed my sandwich, but having had cake I wasn’t very hungry. 
I had planned a walk for the afternoon, but R persuaded me to go out in a boat.  The last time (many years ago) I had been out on a boat on Loch Tay had been a truly miserable experience  and I took some persuasion. She lured me with the promise of spotting an osprey.  We went out with a sailing instructor and four others.  The instructor was fabulous, though I really wasn’t all that interested in learning how to sail (still traumatised from that last experience!!).  Others were much more interested.  The highlight was of course seeing the ospreys.  What a treat.  We didn’t go too close, and the zoom on my camera is broken, so my pictures weren’t great.  BB decided to pass on doing an activity and spent the afternoon doing his maths homework, and TT went kayaking.
After a potter around on the loch, it was back to base to pack up and to have more cake, before we all said our goodbyes and departed.   We had a lovely drive home.  TT was straight into the garden to do some watering when we got home.  I was exhausted, but I really wanted to stretch my legs, so I went for a walk around the block.  It was a really lovely evening, the end to another lovely weekend.  Once I got home I collapsed on the sofa.
This is us setting off from Killin.  The ospreys are in the extra,  if you look closely!

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