By Teasel

Ben Lawers

I didn’t sleep well.  It was hot, but we couldn’t open the windows due to the midges, and on top of that TT was snoring and coughing.  Ugh!
I was weary when we went for breakfast, but perked up a bit.  After breakfast, we had to pick our activities.  My friend R and I had already decided we wanted to go up Ben Lawers, another four people wanted to join us. TT and BB went off in a canoe to play “wet rounders” on a sandbar in Loch Tay.   We got ourselves ready and drove to the walkers car park and set off.  It was a very warm and humid day, but quite cloudy.  Not long after we started our walk, we met quite a few people coming down.  They must have set off at the crack of dawn.   One of our group is an orchid hunter, so he had us on the lookout for orchids, which he knows grow in the area.  Two of our group set off at a great pace, but we didn’t even try to keep up with them.  We were all struggling with the hear, so went at our own pace.
You get two Munros for the price of one on this walk, Beinn Ghlas and then Ben Lawers.  The temperature dropped a bit as we got higher up and it was definitely less humid.  It’s a  long time since I climbed a proper mountain, so was delighted to get to the top.  The National Trust for Scotland have helpfully made a path to the summit, which felt a bit like Princes Street today!  We were most disappointed to be met with a group sitting at the top smoking cannabis.  We didn’t hang around, as we wanted to get away from the smoke and the smell.  We descended and took the path behind Beinn Ghlas and stopped for our picnic along there.  It was nice to sit down, but a struggle to get back up.  R was really struggling with the descent, as her knees were playing up – but we all get back down.  The other two were waiting on us – as they needed a lift back.
When we got back, we discovered that there had been an accident – one of the group – an eleven year old girl -  had come off her mountain bike ad hurt her knee.  R is a doctor, so her services were called upon.  She doesn’t’ think it’s anything serious, so prescribed, ice, rest and elevation.   Apparently TT had been the hero of the hour as he had “rescued” her, as and BB had been mountain biking this afternoon and were in the same group. 
Later we had a lovely tea and then there was a domino competition.  It was very competitive and great fun.  Everyone is now a little addicted to dominos!
We were all ready for bed tonight.  I am sure I will sleep well tonight.

This is the top of ben Lawers.  The views weren't great today, as it was cloudy and hazy - but you did get a sense of being high up.  The extra is looking up to Ben Lawers from Beinn Ghlas.

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