By hazelh

Kilted canine ring bearers

Today required a lot of careful planning to allow for both Mr hazelh and me to join the wedding celebrations of a colleague without leaving Mummy hazelh on her own at our flat for too long. I also wanted to get some exercise.

For me, the day started like a usual Friday. I rode my exercise bike at home before breakfast, then walked to the gym for my pilates class. Rather than walk home, however, I ran back. This was because there were only 110 minutes between the end of the class and the time that I needed to be on Princes Street to join the rest of the wedding guests travelling to the church together by bus. (The run included a quick stop at the Stockbridge Bethany shop en route, of course).

Home again, I had a quick shower, dressed in my finery, then jumped in the car so that Mr hazelh could drive me up the road and drop me off at the Balmoral hotel.

I attended the church service in Corstorphine then returned to the Balmoral for drinks and canapés.

Mr hazelh joined us all just before 4pm, and we were together for most of the wedding breakfast. (See the extra, taken by the official photographer as we walked into the dining room). He had left Mummy hazelh with a promise that one of us would be back in a couple of hours.

I left the table at 6pm, just after finishing my main course, to return to the house and spend some time with Mummy hazelh. I supervised her shower, dressing for dinner, and made her supper.

Mr hazelh and I crossed paths again at about 8pm half way between the hotel and the house when he walked home to look after Mummy hazelh for the rest of the evening. He updated me on the speeches, and then I headed up to the hotel for the cutting of the wedding cake and dancing.

My blip is of the two ring-bearers at the wedding service. The dogs belong to the bride and groom.

Exercise today: 40 minutes on the exercise bike; pilates class; short run (1.5 miles); walking (14,950 steps).

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