By Mrsmacdub

On the move again

This is a very late posting.

We were up reasonably early as we planned to take our hosts for a lateish breakfast before we set off for the Ryde Ferry.  Unfortunately, M wasn’t feeling well enough to go for breakfast and was certainly not up to driving, so we moved to Plan B.  A taxi was booked, MrMacD and I had a bowl of cereal, a slice of toast and some coffee, then we walked just to a cash point to get some cash for the taxi.  When we returned I finished the packing and we chatted with A until it was time for the taxi to arrive.  M had been sleeping but he reappeared in time to say goodbye.  He was extremely apologetic that he couldn’t drive us across the island to Ryde.  We had a very comfortable and smooth taxi ride and were deposited at the Ryde Ferry Terminal half an hour before the ferry departed.  It’s a quick ride across to Portsmouth Harbour, where our friends were waiting for us.  We walked to the car, had a quick drive around the old part of Portsmouth, then headed north west to their home, approximately half an hour away.  They live in a tiny village in a wonderful, very old house.  We had lunch, a walk around the garden, lots of talk, then took the dog out for a long walk along country lanes and through fields and woodlands.  It was wonderful.  Back home MrMacD watered the garden while K prepared supper.  J and I talked - she dropped a very heavy object on her big toe three weeks ago, so is wearing a boot and hobbling around.  We had a delicious supper including a wonderful lemon tart, talked some more and then realised it was almost 11pm and time for bed.

The blip shows scenes from Freshwater, Ryde, Portsmouth and Botley.

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