Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Weather was quite nice today - warm and dry.  Not a particularly sunny day but there were some bright spells now and again.

I had a wander down to the village this afternoon.  First stop was the jewellers.  Told the chap that they key I got yesterday " didn't work ".  There's 2 chaps who work there and neither go in for any small talk.  So this chap said nothing - just took the key and gave me back the £4 I had paid.  I will go somewhere else when I have the chance.

Next I popped into Herons as I needed fat balls.  I was in there yesterday but they had none.  Fortunately the stock had been replenished so I bought 3 packs of 10.  The birds are going crazy for fat balls at the moment.  From the little sparrows right up to huge crows, rooks or ravens ( I can't tell which ). Next into Tesco to pick up a couple of parcels.

I didn't go to Slimming Group as being a target member it was OK to miss a week.  Going by my own scales I think my weight would have remained the same this week. I used the time I gained  doing some gardening.  Tidied up all the Cordyline branches I cut down the other day.  Put as many as I could into green garden bin and the rest I put out into the back lane. 

The Abstract Thursday challenge is " abstract photography black & white'.  My blip shows some solar lights I bought recently.  I stuck them all into a large plant pot to " charge up " and I still haven't got round to putting them somewhere permanent.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

Steps today - 8,274  

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