By Mrsmacdub

Hove to Arundel

This is a late posting.

We spent most of the day reading news on our iPads, replying to emails, sending messages, trying to catch up with Blip a bit.  We walked to Cas-Croûte café not far from G’s flat for a light lunch.  It had a lovely mural on the back wall.  Just after 4pm we set off with G to drive to Arundel to stay at H’s house.  We inspected the garden and when we went through a gate to look at the vegetable garden, H’s very cute German Shepherd puppy was most upset at being left behind and tried unsuccessfully to climb under the gate. H had cooked a chicken curry, so MrMacD and I decided to cook a couple of vegetable curry sides.  It’s the first time we’ve cooked for two months and it felt good to get our hand in again.  MrMacD’s other son, D, arrived from London and we had a very enjoyable evening together eating and chatting.  It was a late night, though - just on midnight when we got to bed.

Apologies, but I am still way behind dipping into fellow Blippers’ journals and responding to comments. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day at the moment.

The blip shows scenes from Hove, a photo of Arundel Castle as we whizzed by and a photo of the puppy trying to get under the gate.

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