If Blipland is anything to go by there seems to be some consensus that dandelion clocks are things of beauty. We celebrate their delicate seed heads. Yet in my garden I treat them as public enemy number one, digging up their deep taproots wherever I see them.

But after seeing this lovely shot by Gladders yesterday I wanted my own dandelion and bokeh shot. For me this is the best thing about this community - nicking ideas learning from fellow blippers.

You may - though I doubt it - recall that I have my own little bokeh spot in the pond, discovered when I photographed this oxalis in situ last year. No sign of the oxalis yet, it's a bit of a late sprouter, so I popped out on to the estate and found a dandelion clock and brought it back, then wedged it against a rock to take this image in its "natural" setting. Once photographed it was consigned to the fiery furnace at the centre of the compost heap. Does that make me a bad person? Feeling a bit better today.

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