I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ...

... Minsi Lake kayaking.

Today's weather was simply perfect ... lots of sunshine and temps in the mid 80's ... and not too humid.  Like I said ... perfect.

That said ... we gathered our kayaking equipment, packed up lunch and headed up to Minsi Lake to spend the day enjoying this perfect day.

I could have easily put together a collage as I took lots of pictures of a myriad of things.  But in the interest of time I've gone with this beautiful great-blue heron.   We surprised each other as we were out in the kayak.  We were sitting (in the kayak) close by the shore when he/she came around the corner not realizing we were there!  I hardly had time to point the camera at him/her as he/she flew by ... very closely I might add.  He was surprised to see us there and tried flying in to some trees lining the lake but misjudged in his/her panic.  But all worked out as he/she recovered before flying off in the other direction ... all was okay.  But I felt bad in startling him/her.  To appreciate the size of these birds keep in mind the great blue is the largest heron in North America, standing close to five feet tall, with a wingspan of up to 6.5 feet. Please have a look full screen.

We also saw both a juvenile bald eagle and an adult ... both up in the trees.  And there was also some gorgeous ospreys flying overhead.  

We had a great day out before returning home for the rest of the day ...  I was quite tired by all the exercise and fresh air.  

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