I Witness

By KangaZu

Jacobsburg State Park ...

... picnic supper.

Earlier today I decided I didn't want to make supper tonight!  Instead I suggested to R that we grab some take-out and go to Jacobsburg SP for a picnic.  It's not something we normally do on a Sunday but he was okay with the idea.  The problem was it made the evening feel like Thursday as this is a normal Thursday thing!  

After enjoying our take-out sandwiches and corn on the cob I had cooked at home before leaving we took a lovely walk through the park.  First stop was to the frog pond/native plant area.  We didn't see any frogs tonight but we did see a ton of these beautiful clearwing hummingbird moths.  The lighting was past it's best by this time but I'm still pleased with this shot.  Please have a look full screen.

After leaving the frog pond area we drove to the other side of the park for a quick walk in Henry's woods.  There were still several families having fun in the creek ... as well as some dogs.  

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