David J. Rose

By djrose007

School Holidays

Hendrix had his last day of school today so I took him to school after he and Buddy had breakfast. I took Buddy too but just for the trip.
Hendrix had his school report yesterday and I said, to the Headmistress who was on the gate this morning, "Thank you for that fabulous report Hendrix had". Her reply was the he deserved every word of it and "He is a fantastic little man". Makes you so proud. He also got a 100% attendance certificate for the year, another for being 'Star of the Summer Term', what a lovely lad he is.

Anyway, nothing to do with the photos, just wanted to sing his praises!
The photos shows Buddy, gambling at 4 years old. Luckily, having been to Nevada last year I was able to give him some tips. But, as most gamblers, he finished up blowing it all away - he really did, he is blowing it across the table in the right hand, top, picture HAHAHAHAHAHA
He left us at 11:00 when I took him to pick up his Mum, Joanne, and Eric and Ruby turned up around 12:00. Ruby is not at all well and slept most of the time she was with us. So I took Eric over to one park, near us, and then to a more adventurous park a little walk away. He really enjoyed it.

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