We refer to this small version of the iris as an Oriental Iris, although I've also known them to be called Japanese or Siberian Iris. If there is a difference, I don't know what it is. It is such a delicate looking flower in a rich purple. It is an annual, although the bed is producing fewer buds each year. The leaves are a slim, tall spike which make a nice change-up in a border of shrubs or leafier plants. The interesting petals go from smooth in the center, with the outer petal like a velvety crepe fabric. The detail on this little flower wasn't obvious until I blew it up on the computer. (Here is a side view of the iris.)

It was a beautiful day - sunny, slight breeze, around 63 degrees (F) - but I didn't see a bird or insect in my yard to blip. I did get a decent shot of a sparrow at the local garden store, but this iris seemed to make a better blip for today.

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