By maureen6002

Attack of the killer courgettes ….

There’s something of a reversal of roles today as G is feeling nauseous. He’s obviously been researching his symptoms and is convinced he’s suffering from toxic courgette syndrome. Who knew potential killers lurked in our vegetable patch?

I’ve never heard if this, but look it up myself. Yes, we’ve eaten a fair few courgettes over recent days - both raw and cooked - but surely we’d have noticed the tell-tale bitter taste, I argue. And, if this was the cause surely the effects would be more immediate and severe? And wouldn’t I be suffering in the same way? (Actually, I’m slightly nauseous, but then it’s my usual state these days) 

Eventually I persuade him that he’s just plain exhausted. He’s not only looking after me, but insists on undertaking project after project, working at things for hours, hardly stopping to relax. He listens, and takes himself off to bed, fasting for the day. 

I always do appreciate just what he does, but this role-reversal brings home just how much I rely on him. By evening, thankfully he’s feeling better and promises he’ll take things at a slower pace in future. Time will tell. 

So today photography is restricted to between-the-showers garden shots, and I brave the dangers of the vegetable patch! Somehow, I’ll never look at courgettes in quite the same way again! 

Many thanks for your response to yesterday’s unconventional beach shot! 

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