By suehutton

An end for a beginning

I believe this is my tenth blip day. I didn't post on the right day so I shall have to find out if Blipfoto recognises it.

I scooted with Cecily to the end of Leicester Road to view the progress on demolition of the old call centre. A new Aldi is to be built there. All we saw at the time was a few diggers and piles of rubble but when we passed in the car a little while later, the diggers were actively clearing the site. Trust me to go at the wrong time.

The site has significance for me as it was here that my leg began to fracture in January. How on earth did I manage to walk 200m from the bus stop to the lorry park.

Basil trotted alongside me. Len accused me of wearing him out. After our trip to Sainsbury's in Loughborough, we went to The Outwoods for coffee. No gluten free cake for me but the mango sorbet was nice.

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