By biddy

Morning reflections…..

I have been up the garden in my dressing gown enjoying the sunlight through leaves and petals of plants around the garden.
My little “wild patch” up near the summerhouse although overrun with borage has now got some poppies and a few new wildflowers, as well as calendulas. I will persevere with it once the flowers have finished and I can take out the borage.
The fox wandered up the garden as I was in the kitchen. He came from next door and then went on his way.
The Rowan berries are now bright orange, and the branches are swaying around in the wind which we are promised will be “strong” today!
It is very mild out there.
Loads of bees on the lavender as I passed by,
Back indoors again I sat down to drink a morning cuppa looking out through the patio window I could see these reflections in a large dish I leave out for the birds and the frogs which are about. We’ve always had once or two frogs. In really heavy rain they appear as if from nowhere.
Harry the hedgehog is still being fed, the Great Spotted Woodpecker a regular on the bird feeder, alongside the squirrel, and the starlings who boss each other.
It is such a gift to enjoy.

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