By biddy

Love the hats!

Stephen and I went to pick up Bobbie this afternoon to take her to Pacific Nurseries as usual. We had to change the day this week to Friday, as one of the carers was going yesterday instead.Her daughter had sent me a message earlier this week.
When this couple walked into the café, I just became intrigued by their hats. After awhile I decided to go over and have a chat to them both.
It turns out they are singers and perform in various venues all over the place. Not Country and Western style but mainly folk with a bit of this and a bit of that!
From Willie Nelson to Leonard Cohen and all shades in between.
Here are Drew and Marie. She told me she was named after her mum and said it was the “French” way of spelling it. She had amazing blue eyes.
I could have chatted with them for longer, but left them to their coffees, and went back to the other two,
They didn’t mind at all when I asked if I could take their photo.
Friday evening already, and although it’s been a muggy cloudy warm day, with a threat of rain, it stayed fine.
Stephen managed to mow the top grass after we got home from taking Bobbie back to hers,
Have a good weekend, and I do hope summer might return at some point.

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