... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: Escher

... in detail.

It may not surprise you to discover that M. C. Escher is one of my favourite artists: I love not only his famous impossible architecture, but also his exploration of the theme of tessellation, his acute attention to detail, use of reflection, and his "metamorphosis" works. He seemed to crave order, recurrence, and the infinite, and many of his works lead your eyes around in never ending circuits within the artwork.

Many aspects of the design of the Natural History Museum remind me of Escher's style: the attention to minute detail, the use of natural forms and motifs, the recursive use of shapes within shapes... I often find myself exploring the structure by following lines and seeing how they lead my eyes in different ways depending on where I'm positioned.

Today I was very tired: I went for a walk in the early afternoon to try to stop myself from continuously falling asleep  at my desk, and found myself spell-bound by the main entrance to the museum. I've explored this end of the hall innumerable times before, but felt resolved to blip it today and walked all around exploring the different points of view that the ground floor offered.
The light was rather harsh which didn't help photographically, but I'm still pleased with the end result in spite of that...

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