Still flowering

A second airing for the cymbidium that I was surprised to see I'd blipped nearly two months ago. Quite a bit of family decision making just now. Second son, Rob, is house hunting with his partner, Vicky, and they're thinking of putting in an offer for a house in Hampshire. Our first house cost us less than £12,000. This (smaller) one is on the market at about 23 times that price.

Meanwhile, George, who has just finished his finals, has accepted the offer of an internship at a sail and powerboat coaching company that can get him up to yachtmaster standard if he works hard enough. That might go well with a degree in marine environmental science. It will certainly give him plenty of practical skills for working at sea if that's what he wants to do.

John, our eldest, put his graphic artist skills to work today designing a book cover for me based on yesterday's blip (not quite the same image). I'm thinking of self-publishing this. He should start doing book covers on contract. He's very good at it. That cymbidium again.

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