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By Damnonii

12, 410 happy Days...

Today is our 34th Wedding Anniversary.

No idea how it it can be 34 years since we said I do as it only feels about 10!  Jeez life really does go by in a blink.  Under 30s don't believe you when you say this (I certainly didn't when my older relatives tried to warn me) but they will soon learn.

After being in bed at a decent time last night I slept soundly till 2.10am then was wide awake for three hours!  Finally fell back to sleep and woke again at 9.45am.  

When I came downstairs D had my anniversary gift waiting for me (we don't really do anniversary gifts, preferring to go somewhere special for dinner instead)  The thirty-fourth anniversary is apparently the opal anniversary so he got me a packet of Starburst (and some lovely flowers ;-) You will have to be a certain age to get the joke :D 

This afternoon I paid some long overdue attention to my nails with a quick manicure and some polish.  A half dead wasp kept dive bombing me, it's a wonder the bottle of polish didn't end up on the other side of the room as I waved my arms about!

We had dinner booked at Andy Murray's lovely hotel Cromlix.  We spent the weekend there for our Silver wedding anniversary nine years ago and it's become a bit of a tradition to go there for dinner on our anniversary.  It's all been refurbished since our visit last August, all overseen by Andy's wife Kim.  It's stunning (more pics in extras) and they've changed the main entrance to what was the back of the building (but the part you arrive at first) and that makes much more sense.  And it's level access, which is great, as the other entrance involves a lot of steep steps.  
We were met at the door by a lovely gentleman who showed us to the bar.  

A very refreshing Botanist gin before a delicious meal of scottish Hot Smoked Salmon & Crab with Pea Panna Cotta, Focaccia Croutons, Granny Smith Apple for David and Crispy Gressingham Duck, Pastilla Sauce Bourride & Pickled Vegetable Bowl Baba Ghanoush, Medjool Dates for me, then we both had the Assiette of Perthshire Lamb, Apple, Peas & Broad Bean, creamy mash and seasonal greens.  D ended with Homemade Almond Croissant, Roasted Stone Fruit, Creme Brulee Ice Cream and I had strawberry and passionfruit sorbet.  Absolutely delicious.

A lovely, relaxing day after two very hectic days.

When we left to go to Cromlix we took a moment to open the garage door and let the joy of the clear out wash over us once again.  I think we are going to be basking in that glory for a while :-)

Backblips of the Great garage clear out here and here.

And if you need a hand with ANYTHING, I cannot recommend our fellow blipper LeeAnne enough.  That woman is a machine!  

Thanks again lovely.  I have more jobs lined up for you! :-)))

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