Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


A busy day today.  Had 6 parcels to collect from Tesco in the village so I headed there this morning.  One of them wouldn't scan and it took ages to get sorted.  Back home to unpack the parcels and hang up a load of washing. Did a few other chores and then around 1.15pm I got the bus to Swalwell.

Walked to Neil's house via Lidl.  I was due to keep Luna company this afternoon as Neil was supposed to be working  but in the end he had the day off so we took Luna for a walk.  We went along the Derwent Walk as far as Swalwell Cricket Club and then came back a different way. We went past the Fish Pass - see Extra collage.  Ive also added a few shots of Luna and Neil.

We had intended going back to Neils, leaving Luna there and then going out for something to eat.  But Neil didn't feel very hungry ... and I wasn't bothered anyway. So we just stayed in and had a bit of a catch up. Not as much of a catch up as I wanted as Neil kept falling asleep on the sofa mid conversation.( am I that boring ! )  Luna kept waking him up by licking his face but then he would fall asleep again. He must have been very tired I guess.

I left Neils around 4.30pm and got the bus to the Metrocentre.  Did some shopping in Marks and Spencers.

The weather today has been proper summer weather - very warm and sunny. 

I took my flower shots in 3 different places.  The white flower is a Gardenia ( I think ) and its in my garden.  I found the pink flower on the way to Neils by the river - its Himalayan Balsam and I spotted the last flower near the Fish Pass - its a variety of Arum - also known as " Lords and Ladies " or  Cuckoo Pint ". Thanks to BikerBear for hosting the Flower Friday challenge.

Steps today - 17,812

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