By Lizimagiz

Guardian Angel

We have a SeniorNet Photo Group Meeting tomorrow afternoon. This group of older persons meets every two weeks with the purpose of improving our photography. The group started over five years ago and we have all made amazing progress with our creativity and to a lesser degree, technical skills.
There is a set subject for each meeting and we are tasked with selecting images to fit that subject and then emailing four of them to the SeniorNet Rooms. Once there we look through each person's contribution and gently critique them. We don't go in for crushing egos (which often happens when judges make comments on images at Camera Club level.) We are there to support and encourage each other in our endeavours. And of course have some fun. It is certainly not all serious stuff.
Tomorrow's topic is "Winged Creatures". A bit daunting if one is anything like me and not too experienced in photographing birds and insects.
There was a dearth of recent winged creature images in my files so I made a fresh start and looked around the house for inspiration tonight.
I suddenly remembered my Guardian Angel. One of many I suspect are around me all the time... But this one is more substantial and was perfectly willing to be photographed. As you may know it is by no means easy to capture such elusive creatures but with Keith holding a light to illuminate her I did manage a few images. She likes this one the best and I would have to agree.

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