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My brother was up and out of the room that I use as an office before breakfast. I had breakfast with everybody and then headed up for the 10am sales call but it ended up being cancelled. I joined the later team meeting which was attended by just the three of us. I hopped off of a few minutes at 11:30am to say goodbye to everybody - they were heading to see some other friends in North London and would be staying in a hotel in that direction - and when I returned, the call had ended. 

While we were chatting at 9 o’clock ML got a call about a job that she had applied for. I think she had expected to hear last week. She didn’t say much but she said the interview went well and was expecting a positive outcome but, not hearing anything, was frustrating. The good news was that she was offered the job this morning which is fantastic news,

At the end of the day I decided that we had a bunch of towels that needed washing after all the evictors over the past couple of weeks. Drying towels, especially if it can’t be done outside, is never easy inside and I always feel like they’re not as nice to use afterwards. So, I decided that it was worth splurging on the nearby laundrette. I got all the towels washed and dried but it’s very expensive. £1 doesn’t buy much drying time.

While the washing was going round in the machine I shopped for dinner and then came back and sat, alone, watching the washing and drying machines.  This gave me time to sit and read. It’s quite relaxing but I’m only reading this book because of the title: Death And Croissants (by Ian Moore). 

It’s lovely just to be able to sit and read and I made good progress into the book which is always important when I am starting a new one. And there is a peace to the gentle hum of the machines. The weather was bright but I wouldn’t have risked washing towels at home and putting them outside. Although I do wonder if I should have just brought them for drying as nobody else was using the machines.  I was home to get dinner on by 7:45pm which was just before PY arrived home, later than planned becasue of some issue with the trains.

For some reason, I started watching old episodes of Yes, Prime Minster  and then, at 10pm, there was a random episode of “Victoria Wood, As Seen on TV” which added to the 80s TV nostalgia. There’s always something to amuse me. In the Acorn Antiques sketch, as Mrs Overall is being written out, “Mrs Overall, that macaroon you just choked on, I'm going to send the recipe to the Weekly News". Victoria Wood’s comedy still makes me laugh.

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