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Eco / XR
I met the leader of the Newark XR group last night and offered to help with sorting out the masks for the genteel demonstration in Hucknall re Sherwood Constituency MPs decision to extend the temporary emergency pesticide authorisation for sugar beet for a third consecutive year. 

He sent me a how to link which in essence was crop an image and print it out; there were a few useful tips as well. Well within my skillset, but outside his (and I suspect the rest of the group). I did this first stab in a few minutes whilst watching the AUS vs England women's football. The Wapp group seem very pleased with it!

Angel Dust
Spent two hours with a fellow villager preparing our village church tower for tours this Saturday. I swept the spiral stone stairway up to the tower
which seemed to be far dustier and muckier than last time; included was some dubious excrement and a dead bird. Similarly the room with the old dovecote was extra messy. My companion cleared the roof top of vegetation etc.

E shows B our village life force with a reminder of how to rig parachutes to the teddies that will be dropped.

last time..

Glad to have a more restful day tomorrow.
edit - listening to this as I write - an apt image for Aphex Twin, from the ep

Aphex Twin - in  a room7 F760

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