Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had another appointment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital today.  This time it was at 11am.  I caught a bus around 9.45am - the first bus of the day where OAP concessionary passes could be used so it was full of OAP's.  ( including me of course ).  Changed buses in Gateshead and got to the hospital in good time.

My appointment was with a cardiologist - but I didn't see him. He was on holiday.  So I saw a specialist nurse instead.  She did an ECG, took my blood pressure and asked loads and loads of questions.  She wrote detailed notes to hand over to the cardiologist when he returns from his hols.  In the meantime she's going to arrange an appointment for me to have a CT coronary angiogram..  I should hear about that in a couple of weeks or so

Bus back to Gateshead, quick shop in Iceland and bus home.  Got home around 1pm. 

Did a load of washing and caught up with some other chores.  Watched TV for a bit.

Around 5.30pm I set off walking to slimming group.  Lost 2 pounds.... so I'm back inside my target range.

The weather today has been dull and not very warm.  But at least it was dry.

I had sea bass for my tea with assorted veg including tenderstem broccoli.  Decided to use some of the broccoli for my abstract blip.  The theme today is " food ".  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

Steps today - 11,655

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