By Dakers

The A914 Is Our Road

Following on from the RNLI entry on the 16th August this is the road which passes ‘The Policies’.

The double white lines in the centre Road indicate that ‘overtaking’ is not allowed. Trimming of hedges has been much reduced to allow birds to hatch their eggs and raise offspring with little interference.

The growth of the hedges does reduce the visibility along the road, but that is fine, for the speed limit is 50 mph.

Our property has two entrances. There is one near the thumbnail which is used for arriving. The second one nearer the camera is used for departure. Traffic flows are such now that no matter where are driving to, we turn left and go down the hill.

We do not cross the double lines and there is sufficient visibility, despite the hedges.

Interestingly the footpath is gradually becoming covered in grass and the hedges are obstructing the width. Not good for pedestrians who are very few now. I used to walk up and down this road, but no longer.

Cyclists (now kings and queens of the road) have priority over all traffic.

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