By SilverImages

Shropshire Hills

When the shaman dresses like a deer, he is not imitating the deer. He is becoming the deer.”
John Vervaeke
Sunlight woke me fairly early, so I was up reasonably early to have plenty of time between breakfast and my massage booked in Bishop’s Castle. I stopped along the way for a grab shot of the countryside around here, stunning.
Deltoid muscle issues and around my shoulder blade was like a pebble beach with all the knots I could feel. Certainly well overdue for this.
A quick breeze through the town, I’d planned on stopping but most of the shops I’d planned on visiting were closed today, so that can wait until tomorrow.
Headed back for some lunch and a doze, taking W’s advice to heart. Sat in the garden later for a read, when I looked up and became aware of eyes, then the head and neck, and finally a female deer stepped out of the thicket into the edge of the garden. She paused, long enough for me to get a good view and blink in amazement, then turned and hopped it back into the woodland. She was so beautiful. Shades of Snape’s Patronus in the Harry Potter films (I’d been watching them the previous few nights).

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