Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Bee happy

A rather muddled day.  We'd agreed I would take Hazel to the vet this afternoon, so I did jobs and gardened this morning, snatching the chance of a bee shot.  Unfortunately the vet then rang to say the person we were due to see had gone home sick so we have to go tomorrow instead.  As I had other plans for tomorrow, I feel a bit narked, but never mind, you know what they say - don't get stung, bee happy!!

Talking of which, have you ever thought, as I do here, how odd a bee's body is, with no more than a kind of hinge between the thorax and the abdomen?  This one looks like it's about to fall apart  ;-/

Enjoy your evening  xx

PS: sorry, I should have said, results of WFW23_20 will be in my journal tomorrow x

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